Providing crucial street wise information about St. Petersburg Russia

Trams (Трамвай – tramvai) do not travel along the main city street, Nevsky Prospect, but instead weave around the back streets and suburbs.

It is not unusual to see a tram-jam - multiple trams lined up along a street unable to pass an obstacle. This can be anything from another broken down tram to the more common road accident. Regardless you will be going nowhere fast if you have the misfortune to be in one.

Extreme caution is required when departing or boarding a tram. Their tracks are in the centre of the road and so passengers must run the gauntlet crossing it. When tram doors open, it is law that cars must stop, but like all motoring "laws" in Russia they are enviably broken by impatient and ignorant motorists. Take care!

The ticketing works on the same basis as trolleybuses. The current price for a ticket is 14 roubles per ride.

Trams have a long history in the city but it appears that they are slowly being phased out as more and more tracks are removed.