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Passport Control
At Saint Petersburg Airport

Although there are adequate passport control booths, the immigration people in their wisdom only seem to open two or three, this inevitably generates queues (lines), especially with the arrival of several flights in a short space of time.

The first three booths from the left (as you enter the area) are reserved for VIP's and Russian passport holders - don't even been tempted you will be told to go to the right one.

Russian passport control
Russian passport control (on a quiet day!)

You are prompted into the booth by means of an illuminated green light. Providing your paperwork is in order the processing time should be no more than a couple of minutes. Remember once again to complete both sections of the immigration card otherwise it is thrown back at you!

If the immigration clerk has an issue with something they will summon help on the telephone. You will be asked to wait while a senior officer examines the paperwork, in some cases they may need to take it away to their office to do whatever they need to do! If you are confident with your passport/visa then there is no reason to panic, all you can do is wait.

Saint Petersburg Airport
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