Providing crucial street wise information about St. Petersburg Russia
St. Petersburg Metro

The hidden depths of the metro (underground, tube) were once only sign posted in Russian, but now it's also in English making tubing around St. Petersburg less stressful for the non-Russian speaker.

The metro operates on 5 colour coded lines Red, Blue, Green, Orange and the on going Purple line - 7 interchanges allow you to access all of its 59 stations (a few are still being constructed).

Metro Price

Single journey metro tokens cost 28 roubles, multi-entry metro cards are also available. Either must be purchased from kiosks or automated machines found in the entrance of every metro station to allow passage through the turnstiles. Once in, it's possible to travel around the whole system.

Depending upon the station and time, lines (queues) for the kiosks can be lengthy, so it's worth buying more than you need to avoid another time wasting exercise for the subsequent return trip.

Airport to Metro

Unfortunately there is no metro station at St. Petersburg's airport - the nearest one, "Zvezdnaya", is on the blue line and is about a 5 minute taxi ride.

Opening Times

Entrance gates to metro stations have various opening and closing times, but as a guideline they open around 5:45 in the morning and close about 30 minutes past midnight.

Metro Etiquette

Try to walk on the right hand-side along metro passages. On escalators, stand on the right, the left is for people who wish to actively move down. If you don't, you will quickly become one of those actively moving people!

When a train arrives wait to the side of the doors to let passengers disembark before proceeding.

If seated and see an elderly passenger or mother with children in the immediate vicinity offer them your seat.

If the train is full with no possible space, simply barge into the crowd and create some - you'll see!

The Underworld

Most metro stations have at least ATM (cash-point machine) at the entrance - arguably not the best place to withdraw money, but the convenience is there.

Metro stations and their entrances play host to a whole fraternity of mini-stalls selling a wide range of material from magazines and bootlegged CD's to umbrellas and bags.


Watch all your belongings - this is a pickpocketers' playground

Photography in the metro system is not allowed, however, if you try, and are caught it's just a verbal warning. Smile in a confused manner and walk away!