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Russian Immigration Forms
(Russian Landing Cards)

Complete A Landing Card

Upon entering Russia, it is a requirement for all non-Russian visitors staying more than 3 days to complete an immigration form (or Landing Card) - even if you are not staying more than 3 days it's still worth completing the landing card, just in case.

Russian immigration card - Russian landing card

What A Russian Landing Card Looks Like

The Russian landing card comprises of two identical sections, Arrival and Departure, both must be completed upon arrival. It's a not a lengthy form and can be completed quickly while inevitably queuing for passport control.

If you do not know some of the information (ie address in Russia) don't panic and just leave it blank, these forms don't tend to be scrutinised - although this does depend upon how pedantic the officer is, and the point of entry - airport or border crossing.

typical Russian immigration stamp - airport entry
Keep The Form Safe

Hand in the completed form along with your passport at the passport control desk. Once submitted, the arrival section is retained and the departure section is stamped and returned along with your passport - keep it safe. The back of this departure form is used for any Russian visa registration stamps.

Where To Get One

If flying, the airline company usually distribute these landing cards. Don't worry if they don't, the cards can be found in the airport in front of the passport control booths.

If driving to Russia, the forms are available at the border crossing point from the Passport Control booth.

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