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Heineken Beer

Heineken entered the Russian beer market back in 2002 but remains a strong third in the field of play.

Heineken History in Russia

Heineken acquired St. Petersburg's Bravo International's breweries in 2002 in order to break into the Russian beer market.

Bravo International Brewery had a strong local brand so enabling Heineken to instantly penetrate the Russian market with its own label.

Heineken now owns eight breweries in Russia.

Bravo International

Bravo International was established in 1993 by two Icelandic businessmen that started producing soft drinks and cocktails-in-a-can.

By 1999 the company built a brewery in St. Petersburg and started making headway into the Russian beer market with its Bochkarev and Okhota brands. Within 3 years it was one of the top ten breweries in Russia.

Heineken brewery Russia

Heineken's "Three Bears" brand accounts for about a quarter of its sales in Russia.

Three Bears Classic
Three Bears Classic beer label
Strength: 4.9% abv Gravity: 11%
Three Bears Light
Three Bears Light beer label
Strength: 4.7% abv Gravity: 10.5%
Three Bears Crystal
Three Bears Crystal beer label
Strength: 4.4% abv Gravity: 10%
Three Bears Strong
Three Bears Strong beer label
Strength: 7% abv Gravity: 15.4%
Three Bears From Pivnitsa
Three Bears From Pivnitsa beer label
Strength: 3.8% abv Gravity: 11%