Providing crucial street wise information about St. Petersburg Russia
About Bravo Solutions

Information about Bravo Solutions, what it's purpose is and why it exists.

Why St. Petersburg?

The concept of writing an information site about St. Petersburg started back in 1999. Prior a business trip to the city some insight information was searched for - the Internet sites back then provided very sketchy details about the city and it was evident that they were written by locals - they were not imagining how the city would be to foreigners.

This provoked and inspired the Bravo Solutions creation – its aim – to provide a full survival guide for potential foreign visitors to St. Petersburg Russia, and a window into everyday life in this fascinating city for whoever is interested - from a foreigner's viewpoint, hence "a different perspective!"

The foreigner

"The material is endless; it's just finding the time to prioritise and publish it all, while ensuring the information already out there is up-to-date. For me, St. Petersburg is an exciting and dynamic city and if the correct improvements are made in the right areas, it could one day become a top European tourist destination. Enjoy the site and please give me some feedback on how it can be improved or what topics should be placed on it." Steve, Bravo Solutions