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Saint Petersburg Russia
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Sightseeing in
Saint Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg Russia and its ensembles basically form one huge museum showcase with architecture, the arts and history as its primary exhibits. The intrepid can be kept occupied with things to see and do in St. Petersburg for weeks.

The attractions in St. Petersburg list below will expand to cover the popular, and the not so popular areas and landmarks to sightsee in Saint Petersburg.

The State Hermitage Museum

Churches and Cathedrals:
St. Isaac's Cathedral
The Church Of Our Saviour On Spilt Blood

Note: Unfortunately Russia’s outlook on people with disabilities is shocking and virtually nothing has been provided to assist them. Wheelchair bound people are particularly disadvantaged - getting around and accessing places in St. Petersburg is practically impossible.

Families with younger children may also view St. Petersburg as an unsuitable place to visit - as once again just about no effort has been made to facilitate the needs, there are also very limited places of interest for them.

What to do in Saint Petersburg
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